“I Feel Good”! James Brown

Want to be sexier, healthier and be one of the cool kids at the same time?

Try Intermittent Fasting!

Every where you look, you see Keto this and Keto that… its the “in” thing to not eat anything for hours at a time!  I am on my 3rd day and I feel really good.  I have fasted before but I am a lot smarter about it now.  It is true that you can eat Whatever you want during your interval “feeding time” but why?  The idea is to lose the additional weight and feel good too!  Previously, I ate whatever I wanted and I did lose weight but my energy level was inconsistent.

Sometimes up, sometimes down ….

Not a good look.

Intermittent Fasting is basically a Ketogenic Diet because our bodies will naturally go into Ketosis during our fasting intervals.   However, we do need to eat healthy carbs like green vegetables along with nutritional supplements.  Most of all, you should be drinking lots of Water!

According to the Mayo Clinic, roughly 20% of our daily fluid intake comes from what we eat; the rest comes from drinks like water and tea (Business Insider 2017).  This finding explains some of the concerns people have encountered , such as feeling hangry( hungry and angry).  It is because they are dehydrated!  If you are not eating, you should still be drinking.  Our body, especially our skin, must have water to promote a healthy balance as it helps remove toxins and keeps our skin supple and wrinkle free.

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