A goal is a dream with a deadline”! Napoleon Hill

Holidays are upon us!  Hope you are enjoying the season!  I had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Birthday weekend!  Besides the traffic….!  So many people here in South Florida visiting family or just here to soak up the sun!

With so much to do, see and eat, I  am reminded to send a shout out to encourage you to stick to your goals!  If you are on this page-you are either seeking to achieve or maintain a beautiful beach body!  With all the cakes, pies, mac n cheese…  it ain’t easy!

I am still managing my weight loss goals and Ketosis.    Intermittent Fasting has been great for me because I cannot completely remove sugar from my life!   Strict Keto dieting almost requires this step.


I would also like to shout out my Beach Body helpers!  It Works Body Applicators(wraps), Keto Coffee and my Greens Almond Crush*!  These products are so awesome!  Weight loss is so much more than losing the fat.  What are you doing during the process?  While the fat is coming off, are you taking care of the tone and texture of your skin?

Or are you just letting it all sag…?

We do not have the advantage of long winter coats and big fluffy sweaters during winter in So Flo!  You will look conspicuous if you are wearing leggings and a pullover everyday!  So don’t be scurred!

Give it a try-I am here for you!

It’s working for me,  It Will Work For You!


  • Greens Almond Crush-my new fave!  Greens Nutritional Supplement+ a cup of unsweetened Almond Milk+ crushed ice and shake!  Yummmmmmy!

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Publisher, Writer, Beauty Minister and Happiness Coach!
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