Don’t Give Up!

I am almost there! Not quite where I want to be but certainly not where I was!  South Florida is so wonderful during the Holiday Season, especially the  lovely weather.  Even with the recent cold spell, it’s still fun to visit the restaurants, night clubs and shops along Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Of course for serious Holiday shopping, Sawgrass Mills is the place to go! Upscale dining too.  My friends and I had the pleasure of dining at the opening of the new Yard House before the Janet Jackson State of the World Tour earlier this week. Craft beers, lobster and crab dip appetizers, tasty beef sliders, great service and good drinks. Which brings me to the moral of the story!

Don’t give up!

South Florida living isn’t easy if you’re a beach babe and a foodie also! We’re still focused on that beach babe body right?  Even if you have cheated here and there(like me), don’t throw in the towel. Fit life is a way of life, a lifestyle that can be managed. We’re in this together!  Even with the occasional cheat, my Beauty tools and secrets are pulling me through, including my It Works body wraps and Fat Fighters! These are the specialists that have been holding it down for me “it “ being my belly!

We’re starting a 90 day Beauty Fit next week to get a jumpstart on 2018’s Beach body! I will have a few specials for club members to go along with my discount.

Let me know if you’re in it to win it👙! Its Working for me -as much as I love food- it will work for you!f


About Shaun-Charisse

Publisher, Writer, Beauty Minister and Happiness Coach!
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